We are interested in understanding how genomes evolve, and how genomic variation impacts phenotypic variation, adaptation, and evolution of traits.

Currently the lab has projects on:

  • Genome evolution after whole genome duplication 
  • Sequencing the diversity of eukaryote genomes in Norway
  • Genome regulation through life stage transitions
  • Host-microbiome interactions

Lab updates

November 2021

  • The former master student in our group Johanna Wagnerberger won the NMBU-award for the best master thesis 2020. Read the news story here, and if you  are interested in her research here is a link to her thesis

  • Our paper on rediploidization following WGD across 100 million years is out in MBE. Study was led by Manu Gundappa and Dan Macqueen at Roslin Institute. Read the paper here.

August 2021

  • Exciting to get this first paper on the curious genomes of sucker fish published. Much more to come on these duplicated genomes in the year(s) to come. Study led by Trevor Krabbenhoft group at University of Buffalo. Read the paper here.

  • New preprint out on metabolic modelling of Atlantic salmon. Project is led by Jon Olav Vik at NMBU. Read the paper here.

June 2021

  • Excited to be part of a huge 3M EUR grant funded by NRC to help sequence and assemble all eukaryote genomes (in the world!). Project is led by Kjetill Jakobsen at UiO. 

  • Yeah! Our two fantastic master students Dom and Hanna defended their thesis projects with style. Congratulations to you both! 

  • Happy to share our new pre-print about 100 million years of rediploidization dynamics following WGD in a salmonid ancestor. Study led by Manu Gundappa at the Roslin Institute. Read the paper here.

May 2021

April 2021

  • Im proud of our new paper in Genome Biology. In collaboration with Rori Rholfs and Torgeir Hvidsten we use a comparative phylogenetic model to ask: how does selection shape genome regulatory evolution following whole genome duplication? Great computatinoal biology work by Gareth and Lars! Read the paper here.

March 2021

  • Congratulations and thanks Yang Jin, for including me on this new paper using lipidomics to understand physiological remoddeling during life stage transition in Salmon. Read it here.

  • Happy to see our new paper in G3 on 'print'. In this paper lead by Dave Hazlerigg at UiT we show how photoperiodic history affects how young salmon respond to changes in water salinity. Read it here.

  • We wrote a pop-sci outreach piece on salmon and smoltification in Aftenposten Viten (in Norwegian). Read it here.

January 2021

  • Our tallented PhD student Marius has gotten his first paper accepted (based on his master project). A very nice start on the new collaboration with Phil Pope and Torgeir Hvidsten on host-microbiome interactions. 

  • What a great start to the new year! Johanna defended her master thesis on CRISPR based knock out characterization of abcg2 gene involved in salmon flesh coloration. Read her work here if you are interested.

December 2020

  • Ragnhild Wilberg defended her master thesis today (10th December) ! She did a fantastic job. Congrats! If you are interested in transfection of primary liver cells in Atlantic salmon click here.

November 2020

  • A fun collaboration between quantitative geneticists and omics people (i.e. us) reveal genetic architecture of salmon metabolism! Published in GSE.

October 2020

  • Happy to have been part of this exciting new paper in PLOS Genetics, led by Shona Wood and Alex West at UiT. What happends to the circadian clock genes after a genome duplication?