We try to understand how genomes evolve and how genomic variation is linked to phenotypic variation, adaptation, and evolution of traits.

Currently the lab has projects on:

  • whole genome duplications 
  • regulation of seawater tolerance in salmon
  • host-microbiome interactions

Lab updates

April 2020

January 2020

  • Yes! We got the ImproveAFish project funded by NFR-havbruk. Together with Phil Pope, Torgeir Hvidsten (and others) we will interrogate host-microbiome interactions in Atlantic salmon. 

  • My first sabatical has started! Im in the Skarmeta-lab in Sevilla to learn about how to apply Hi-ChiP experiments to my favourite research question: consequences of WGD on genome regulatory evolution!!


...and we couldnt have done what we do without support from:

Norwegian Seafood

Research Fund