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Our research focus on how genomes evolve and how genomic variation is linked to phenotypic variation, adaptation, and evolution of novel traits. At the time we work mostly on fish (salmonids and suckers) but we are also involved in fungi, plant, insect, and microbiome projects. 

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Lab updates


January 2020

  • My first sabatical has started! Im in the Skarmeta-lab in Sevilla to learn about how to apply Hi-ChiP experiments to my favourite research question: consequences of WGD on genome regulatory evolution!!

  • Two great guys will join our research group! Welcome Marius (PhD) and Alex (postdoc). 

November 2019

  • I gave a keynote at the ICISB conference in Edinburgh on WGD and gene regulatory evolution. Interested to check out slides? Click here.

September 2019

  • Congratulation Thomas Harvey, Jon Olav Vik, and Jacob Torgersen. Our "liver-on-a-lab-bench" protocol paper is finally out in PeerJ (https://peerj.com/articles/7732/)

August 2019

  • Yes! Our FHF grant on the genetic basis for variation in the developmental transition from fresh- to seawater (smolting) in salmon was funded.

  • A great new yearclass of biology students have just kickstarted their Bachelor studies! So much fun to teach young, ambitious and curious biologists-to-be.