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Our research focus on how genomes evolve and how genomic variation is linked to phenotypic variation, adaptation, and evolution of novel traits.

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Lab updates


June 2019

  • Tom Harvey from the lab defended his PhD thesis. Great defence! Congratulations Dr. Harvey!

April 2019

  • Super excited that the 'supacow' proposal, led by Phil Pope, got funded! Looking forward to 5 years of digging into the bovine gut - to better understand feed-microbiome-host axis.

February 2019

  • Yang defended his thesis! Congrats Dr. Yang

January 2019


  • Yang has gotten his third PhD-paper accepted in Aquaculture! Congratulations. Want to learn more about what is happening in the gut of fish that start to eat for their first time? Read more here

  • Super excited to have been part of a cool new paper (pre-print) on the genome of rainbow trout and how it has revealed new insights into the genetics of migratory behaviour